About Piranha Frenzy


I’ve written and published a story about a games journalist who suffers pressure to deliver a high score in a game review she has been commissioned to write.

Piranha Frenzy is the story of a games website and the people who work there. I have spent much of my professional life in places like Piranha Frenzy, so it’s a reflection of a world that I know very well.

For many years I have worked for magazines and websites that have made their way in the world covering video games and the games industry. I’ve done everything from making the tea to running teams of dozens of journos. So I had plenty of material to work with.

Piranha Frenzy is the story of how small compromises against editorial integrity can have big consequences, and it’s about how editorial leaders, who forget who they serve, cause untold trouble.

Just about everyone in my book suffers from some kind of delusion that they take actions for all the right reasons, and that they are above wrong-doing. The story is about people with individual motivations and abilities, operating in an environment where ethical lines are blurry. It also touches on issues about power and belonging.

I hope that Piranha Frenzy will entertain anyone who takes an interest in the world of games journalism.

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